Fensport Lexus ISF

The IS F is the first of a new breed of Lexus - advanced racetrack technology combined with impeccable refinement and sophistication. Developed at Japan's Fuji Speedway, the IS F is the first ultra-high performance vehicle from Lexus.

The IS-F features a 5.0 L direct-injected V8 engine producing 417 hp at 6,600 rpm, while peak torque is 371 ft/lbs at 5,200 rpm. The engine also features a two-stage intake system, engine oil and transmission fluid coolers and an oil pump designed for high-speed cornering.

The IS-F features an 8-speed automatic transmission with sequential shift (Sport Direct Shift, or SPDS).

The brake system features Brembo 6 pot brake calipers and huge 360mm discs on the front, the rears are twin pot with 345mm discs.

High performance is priority in this the first of a range of special "F" models. Claimed figures are 0-60 in 4.6 seconds, a quarter mile time of 12.8 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 170mph.

Since taking delivery of our IS F we have been developing a few parts to enhance the car, first off was a Blitz throttle controller to allow us to attain a responsive throttle response in all transmission modes. This has certainly made the car a lot more driveable and is a must do for IS F owners.

Second modification was the suspension, many owners and journalists have complained about the harsh ride quality and we soon agreed with them. A Tein comfort spec coilover kit has been fitted and tested, with its top adjustable 16 point adjustment the ride is so much nicer, allowing you to retain ride comfort for the road, and still stiffen the suspension in a few seconds for that spirited weekend track day.

We love the IS F, its a true performance saloon with tremendous performance as standard, with a few choice modifications it can also tailored to suit the individual.


As demand is now growing for Lexus performance products, we will be offering more and more parts for the whole Lexus range.