Fensport Corolla SR 3S-GTE

Corolla SR Turbo, 3S-GTE Engine Conversion 400bhp

Having decided to create the ultimate FWD Corolla, we came up with the SR Turbo. With a proven 396 BHP, and 383lb/ft Torque, No ABS, No Traction Control makes this a car to respect, it breaks traction in 3rd gear in the dry, and, if upset, will wheelspin in 5th in the wet!!

Under the bonnet is a 3SGTE from a ST205 (Late Celica GT-4 Turbo) Fully rebuilt with forged pistons, HKS cams & vernier pulleys, Gasflowed head, Steel headgasket and 11mm headbolts, using the Water/Air chargecooler from the ST205 Celica and an ERL water injection system to keep temps under control. The turbo is our stage 3 CT26, A custom 3" exhaust, and Blitz SUS air filter and a cold air intake has been fabricated. The fuel system is upgraded with TTE 950cc injectors and our 255L/HR pump.

Engine management is MoTeC M4 Pro, with 6 position boost control (Very useful for reducing boost when it rains!)

In order to handle that kind of power the car uses a MR2 Turbo gearbox with LSD and equal length driveshafts. HKS Lightweight Flywheel with Helix/Fensport stage 2 Clutch.

The suspension consists of Koni Top adjustable Struts front and rear with Fensport Springs, TRD Anti-Roll bars and SuperPro bushes all round.

Front Brakes are TRD 4-Pot Calipers and 300mm Discs. Rears are 20 valve corolla discs and calipers.

Performance is stunning in the lighter weight corolla, with 0-60 in 5.69 seconds (Donny South August 02), and a top speed in excess of 150mph. Quarter mile is dispatched in a proven 13.00 seconds at 117.6mph (Santa Pod april 02)

The engine from this car has sinced been removed (for the 4wd Corolla above) and in its place a standard 3sgte has been fitted, the rest of the spec is the same as above, The ecu has been remapped to provide 301 bhp and 290 ft/lb torque at 1 bar boost.

The car is now sadly sold, but it has gone to a very good home,Toyota in Mauritius, where it is being prepared for tarmac rallying, We all wish Ravi and his men the very best of luck and hopefully some very good results soon!!!

Official results from 2003

1st in class and 4th overall - Mauritius Rally Championship

The FENSPORT AE111 was featured in FAST CAR magazine [Dec 1999] and JAPANESE PERFORMANCE magazine [Nov/Dec 1999]