Fensport Celica GT4 - 600BHP

Tony's Celica GT4 with 600bhp+ Engine

Tony`s Celica GT4 was built over winter 2003/4 and is now up and running very well, the car is used as a daily driver as well as a weekend drag racer, The car was designed to be smooth, quiet and comfortable but also be very fast on both the circuit and drag strip.

The heart of the car is a Fully built 3SGTE, with TTE steel crank, TTE Steel rods, JE Forged pistons, TTE competition bearings and ARP bolts used throughout. The cylinder head is ported with HKS 272 cams and HKS valve springs, Fidanza vernier pulleys and HKS metal headgasket.

The turbocharger is a Garrett GT35/42 conversion, mounted on a modified Corolla WRC exhaust manifold, with a Tial 40mm external wastegate and screamer pipe.

The intercooler is our Fensport stage 2 Front mount kit using the 600x300 core and polished stainless 70mm pipework, with a relocated gearbox oilcooler.

The fuel system is uprated with HKS 1000cc top feed injectors HKS fuel rail, HKS fuel pressure regulator, Braided lines and a 255L/HR Fuel pump.

Custom 3" Mandrel bent exhaust system, handmade in house from turbo to rear bumper.

A custom carbon airbox houses a Blitz SUS filter, which is fed cold air from the front bumper, The battery is relocated to the boot, along with the water injection tank.

A MoTeC M4 Pro ecu is used to control the engine as well as Launch control, ERL water injection and boost control, and MoTeC digital dash displays all the ecu parameters as well as oil and fuel pressures and exhaust gas temps etc.

The suspension is TRD 4 way adjustable shocks and TRD springs, with a ST202 TRD front strut brace, modified to clear the engine.

Superflex bushes with an adjustable whiteline rear anti roll bar.

Front brakes are 335 x 30 Hi-Spec 6 pots with Ferodo competition pads, Rear brakes are Black Diamond grooved discs with Pagid pads.

TTE 17" alloys with pirelli P7000 tyres for road use and Dunlop SP Race for track use.

The styling is clean with our own front spoiler, genuine sideskirts, high rise rear spoiler, projector headlights, the interior is factory Recaro.

The car weighs 1440kgs with all road trim.